Casey & Liz - MIA's Goodwill Ambassador Team
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Phone: 305-876-7030
Fax: 305-876-0574
Mailing Address:

PO BOX 025504
MIAMI, FL 33102-5504

 Volunteer Ambassadors Program

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 Photo Gallery (CBS 4)
 Hi-Res Images for Download (MDAD)

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 Press Release  (MDAD)
 MIA’s New K-9 Ambassador Spreads Love For Valentine’s Day  (CBS4)
Casey Fights Dog Days at MIA (NBC6)
 Canine Ambassador Spreads Goodwill at Airport (Miami Herald)
 Dog is Host to Passengers at MIA (Translated from Portuguese)
 14 Airport Amenities That Will Make You Long for a Layover (CNN)
 The Airport Canine Ambassador (Joe Schmo)
 The Airport Canine Ambassador (Press Release)
 Free Airport Therapy Has a Cold Nose, Wagging Tail (Associated Press)
 Terapia Canina (Univision video, in Spanish)
 An ID Badge for Casey (Travel Channel video)

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 Cão é anfitrião de passageiros no Aeroporto Internacional de Miami  (Video in Portuguese)


Liz & Casey

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E-mail Liz at


Thanks for visiting my webpage. I’ve put together some info you might enjoy. Feel free to drop me an email at


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 The Airport Canine Ambassador (Press Release)



  • Born:  September 28, 2008
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Height: 28”
  • Weight: 69 lbs.
  • Joined my family: November 21, 2008
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  • Obedience Training
  • Certified Pet Therapy

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These are my favorite activities:

  • Volunteering at MIA, helping passengers and making
    them smile
  • Being at home with my family & sleeping in their beds
  • Eating, eating, eating
  • Swimming in our pool
  • Going to dog camp with my “buddies”, hiking in the woods and hanging out the window of the bus
  • Eating, eating, eating
  • Chasing cats & eating their food!
  • Running in the Colorado mountains and swimming in the cold rivers
  • Eating, eating, eating