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Imagination Creation:  Dreams and Illumination
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February  11 – May 12, 2016

Imagination Creation:  Dreams and Illumination

Before the invention of printing, books were laboriously written by hand.  Known as manuscripts, initially penned on parchment or animal skins, these texts were made even more precious by “illumination.”   This term comes from the Latin word meaning to “light up” or “to enlighten” and refers to the use of bright colors and gold to embellish initial letters or borders, or to depict entire scenes in miniature.  Sometimes the design was purely decorative, but often the composition served to highlight important passages in the text, or to enhance or comment on the meaning of the text.   Unlike the mass-produced books of our time, an illuminated manuscript was a unique, handmade object, bearing the mark of several artisans, from the parchment maker to the scribe to the decorator or “illuminator.”  In this exhibition, students were invited to consider story-telling through illuminated imagery, using dreams and imagination as their inspiration.