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December 2010


December 30, 2010

Five New Routes, Additional American Airlines Flights on Taxiway Adobe

Miami Today -Five New Routes, Additional American Airlines Flights on Taxiway


Five new airline routes and additional flights to American Airlines destinations are planned for Miami International Airport in 2011. Delta Air Lines, which has expanded its presence at Miami's airport, is to begin non-stop service to Jacksonville on March 26 and to London Heathrow Airport on March 27. Non-stop service between Miami and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is to launch March 27 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

In addition, the Dutch low-cost airline ArkeFly is also to begin service from Miami to Amsterdam on June 24. Iberia Airlines, a oneworld alliance member with American Airlines, is to launch non-stop service between Miami and Barcelona beginning March 28. While some airlines establish routes because of the strong Miami market, others are attracted by airline alliance partners, said Chris Mangos, the airport's marketing director. Continue Adobe


December 23, 2010

Lost Bag Found Through Act of Kindness (Letters to the Editor)  Adobe

Miami Herald - Lost Bag Found Through Act of Kindness


My wife and I flew into Miami International Airport from Seattle last Thursday to visit the in-laws with our 4-month-old son for Christmas. About halfway to Fort Lauderdale, we realized that we had left a bag with my wife's laptop, camera with all of our baby pictures and wallet in the parking lot. We went tearing back, but the bag was gone.

I ran through the airport, talking to security and lost and found. Nothing. My wife was upset, the baby was wailing. We were heading back to Fort Lauderdale when the cellphone rang. An airport employee had found the bag. He looked for any identification and called the number on her insurance card. The company contacted my wife with the employee's phone number. We, in turn, called him. We met in the arrivals area, and he brought the bag to us, refusing even a small tip to thank him. He said that he had been through a similar situation with his wife and knew how stressed we were.

He went through all of this trouble because he was worried that if he took it to lost and found, they might not find us in time for Christmas. I cannot thank Richard Garcia enough. Acts of kindness and selflessness like his are what this holiday season is all about. We told this story over and over during the weekend, and it's unfortunate that everyone was so surprised by the outcome. I wanted to share this wonderful act of kindness and hope that we can all pay it forward.



December 24, 2010

Christmas Spirit Soothes Crowds At MIA  Adobe

CBS Miami - Christmas Spirit Soothes Crowds At MIA


Holiday excitement seemed to permeate the bustling airport, with ticket agents wearing Santa hats, skycaps in reindeer ears and passengers bearing Christmas gifts. Adria Richards said she would have to pay more than usual for checked baggage fees. “It’s kind of high to have to pay, because you’re bringing gifts to family,” she said. “But it’s Christmas.”

Scott Patterson, changing planes for a trip home to Charlotte, NC, said his holiday journey had been hassle free. “It’s going fine. Everything is moving smoothly,” Patterson said. “All the shopping is done. It’s great.” Continue Adobe


December 23, 2010

Five Airports with Art Worth Seeing  Adobe

CNN - Five Airports with Art Worth Seeing 


Miami International Airport is the largest U.S. gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean. So it seems fitting that the airport's international baggage claim is home to a piece called "Ghost Palms" by artist Norie Sato.

Situated at five window bays along a 300-foot-long glass wall, the work takes its inspiration from the ubiquitous palm trees that populate the Miami-Dade County landscape. Each of the five sites, 24 feet tall, expresses a specific, strong structure of the palm, whether the frond, the branch or the trunk. Hand-painted and sandblasted glass, laminated glass, aluminum and terrazzo were used to create the work. The colors in the glass are formed with embedded powders that reflect multiple spectrums of light, which not only change colors throughout the day, but alter as passengers move throughout the baggage claim area. Continue Adobe


December 17, 2010

Flight Attendant Saves Passenger's Life  Adobe

Flight Attendant Saves Passenger's Life


A fast-thinking flight attendant saved a passenger's life at Miami International Airport earlier this year, and now, she is getting a very special message from the victim. Poul Jensen and his wife spent 6 weeks in South Florida from their native Denmark. On their way home back in January, Jensen had a heart attack. "It is very hard for me to speak about these things. I am a happy man today, I have my family, and I thank the lady very, very much," said Jensen.

Meghan Rafferty was in the right place at the right time on Jan. 29. The American Eagle flight attendant grabbed a defibrillator and used it on Jensen. Her actions earned her MIA's employee of the year. "Anybody would have done the same thing in my situation. That if somebody was in need, and hurt in front of you, I did only what was natural, to help that individual," said Rafferty.Continue Adobe


December 16, 2010

MIA Honors Outstanding Employees at Annual Gala  Adobe

Miami Herald - MIA Honors Outstanding Employees at Annual Gala 


Paul Jensen and his wife had just entered Miami International Airport last January to check in for their flight home to Denmark. Almost immediately, Jensen, 67, felt ill, slumping over in Concourse D. ``He was having a heart attack,'' says Greg Chin, communications director for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.

Meghan Rafferty, an off-duty American Eagle flight attendant was passing through and sprang into action. While a vacationing Australian nurse performed CPR, Rafferty grabbed an external defibrillator and tag-teamed with the nurse to revive Jensen. For her quick action, Rafferty was named the Miami International Airport's Employee of the Year Thursday at its year-end reward and recognition gala. Continue Adobe


December 16, 2010

As Airport Completes Its Revamp, New Master Plan in Wings  Adobe

Miami Today - As Airport Completes Its Revamp, New Master Plan in Wings 


Miami-Dade's aviation department and proposed developer Odebrecht have agreed on lease terms for an Airport City project three years in the making, but it won't get to the county commission for final review until the second quarter of next year. Plans are to transform 40 acres that include Miami International Airport's gateway into a profit-making visitor and business hub by constructing two hotels, a retail center and an office park that could cost north of $500 million.

Aviation Director José Abreu said this public-private partnership is the vehicle to get this revenue-generating infrastructure built at the airport.
"It's a way to get infrastructure in place that [otherwise] we would have to borrow the money for," he said. "And with the CIP [Capital Improvement Program] and the debt service associated with the north and south terminals, at this point in time we are not recommending for us to go back to the [bond] market." Continue Adobe


December 16, 2010

Hotels, Shopping Center, Office Park to Rise at Airport's Doorstep   Adobe

Miami Today - Hotels, Shopping Center, Office Park to Rise at Airport's Doorstep


Under the leadership of project developer Odebrecht, a Brazilian-headquartered construction giant, the massive project that consists of 40 prime airport acres is projected to cost more than $500 million to build. Under the agreed lease terms ­ now in the hands of attorneys from Miami-Dade's aviation department and Odebrecht to wrap up ­ the developer is to have five years to build on three airport parcels, with a three-year extension to build out the largest at 25.5 acres.

José Abreu, the county's aviation director, said plans are to build a four-star hotel with meeting space in the 4.5-acre parcel C, which is to connect to the north terminal through a walkway.
A shopping complex is slated for the 9.5-acre parcel B, on the south side of Central Boulevard, which would include a pet hotel, pharmacy, dry cleaner, gas station and possibly a bank, he said.

The aviation department and construction firm hope to present final lease terms to the county commission by the second quarter of 2011, said Gregory C. Owens, aviation’s division director of real estate management. “The [two] parties completed the term sheets on all three parcels,” Mr. Owens said. Continue Adobe


December 9, 2010

American Eagle Announces Increased Nonstop Service Between Miami and Jacksonville, Fla.  Adobe

American Eagle Announces Increased Nonstop Service Between Miami and Jacksonville, Fla.


American Eagle Airlines, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, today announced increased nonstop service between Miami International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, Fla., with the addition of two new flights on April 5.  Eagle will operate its seven daily flights with a mix of 50-seat Embraer EMB-145 jets and 64-seat Super ATR aircraft.

"We are excited to launch this additional service to Jacksonville – the largest city in the state, with strong ties to South Florida," said Peter J. Dolara, American's Senior Vice President based in Miami. "With seven nonstop flights to and from Miami every day, our customers throughout Northeast Florida will have even more convenient connections to destinations throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe."

Continue Adobe


December 8, 2010

Volunteer Ambassadors Make Airport Visitors Feel at Home  Adobe

Miami Today - Volunteer Ambassadors Make Airport Visitors Feel at Home 


Smiling men and women wearing Romero Britto-designed shirts strive to improve customer service for Miami International Airport travelers. And many do so for the opportunity to give back to their community. Each week, 85 airport Volunteer Ambassadors offer at least four hours of their time to assist lost travelers and concerned relatives. Within the first 10 months of 2010, volunteers – who collectively speak 18 languages – had donated a total of 9,567 hours, or about 958 hours a month.

The airport's Volunteer Ambassador Program began in 2002 slowly acquiring volunteers. In 2007, the program transitioned to the airport's Customer Service Protocol Department, which over the past few years beefed up marketing efforts to acquire new recruits and hired Ms. Diana Berron to head the program. Volunteer ambassadors have since become a recognized asset to the airport. The volunteers "really just speak to the fact that we stand out here in Miami," said Ken Pyatt, the airport's deputy director. Several volunteers are retired airport personnel, county employees or local business professionals who were looking for a chance to give back to their community. Continue Adobe - Visit MIA's Volunteer Ambassador Program.


December 8, 2010

Air Traffic and Tourists go Skyward  Adobe

Miami Today - Air Traffic and Tourists go Skyward 


With more flights winging into Miami International Airport, passenger arrivals are soaring, signaling more tourists for Miami-Dade County. The airport's passenger arrivals climbed 9.1% in October to 1.445 million from October 2009's 1.324 million. Sixty-five percent of this increase was in domestic passenger arrivals, which saw the largest hike of 10.8% in October to 773,328 travelers compared to 2009's 698,131.

An increase in domestic flight arrivals carried in more US visitors, said Chris Mangos, airport director of marketing, with 87% of the increase coming from passengers traveling on American and American Eagle airlines, which operated 1,482 more flights here in October than October 2009. Delta Airlines, which has increased its presence at Miami's airport, Mr. Mangos said, also beefed up operations, adding 130 more flights than October last year. Continue Adobe


December 6, 2010

New Train Car Arrives at MIA  Adobe

New Train Car Arrives at MIA


The first of eight Japanese-built cars for an automated train that will link Miami International Airport to a nearby transit hub arrived at MIA Monday and was immediately hoisted onto the elevated guideway the system will use once it starts operating next year. MIA Mover, which resembles the futuristic Skytrain automated people mover now operating at MIA's North Terminal, is expected to start running by next September linking MIA to the transit hub now being built just east of MIA.

On hand to witness the arrival of the first Mitsubishi-supplied car was José Abreu, head of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department which joined forces with the Florida Department of Transportation to finance the more than $260-million MIA Mover system. ``This is one of the most important milestones in the MIA Mover project to connect MIA to the MIC,'' said Abreu, who before taking over the county's aviation department helped guide the MIC to fruition when he worked for the Florida Department of Transportation, first as head of the Miami office and later as statewide secretary. Continue Adobe - View newsclip video (Herald).


November 2010

Annual Review 2011

World's Most Noteworthy Airports Adobe

Most Noteworthy Airports - Annual Review


Passenger Terminal World's expert panel select this year's choice of the world's most noteworthy airports and facilities.
Miami International Airport: noteworthy for its new retail offer. Continue Adobe


November 22, 2010

New SunPass Parking Option At MIA To Ease Travels  Adobe


Travelers and SunPass customers traveling through Miami International Airport may find it easier to park with the addition of the SunPass program. Officials from Florida's Turnpike Enterprise and Miami International Airport (MIA) announced that SunPass customers may use their transponders to pay for parking at MIA by opting into the SunPass Plus program.

The option comes just in time for the busy Thanksgiving travel week. Continue Adobe


November / December, 2010

Americas’ Hub  Adobe

Americas’ Hub -  Marco Finelli visits Miami International, the most important US gateway to Central and South America.


Marco Finelli visits Miami International, the most important US gateway to Central and South America. Continue Adobe


November 19, 2010

Security Training Session Underway for MIA Employees  Adobe

Security Training Session Underway for MIA Employees 


MIA is stepping up their security with about 100 airport employees undergoing a training session on how to detect suspicious behavior and what to do next. "We're looking for not just body language, but for surveillance techniques and even the weight of the vehicles and tinted windows," said Aviation Security Director Lauren Stover.

The exercise comes after TSA recently implemented their new body scanners and more aggressive pat downs for air travelers. "I feel like in America, we want to be safe but somewhere in there, there needs to be a balance of people's rights, privacy," said Chuck Clement.. Continue Adobe

Click here to view video


November 18, 2010

American Eagle Launches Two Daily Nonstops From Miami to Cleveland, Ohio Adobe

American Eagle Launches Two Daily Nonstops From Miami to Cleveland, Ohio

Eagle Offers Expanded Seasonal Service from Miami This Winter

American Eagle Airlines, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, today launched two daily nonstop flights between Miami International Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. "American and our regional partner, American Eagle, continue to expand service to more than 300 daily departures from Miami, solidifying the hub as the premier gateway to the Americas," said Peter Dolara, American's Senior Vice President based in Miami. "These flights not only offer more options for the traveling public, but will help boost Greater Miami's economy, including tourism and business development."

New Terminal Offers Added Convenience
In time for the busy winter travel season, American Eagle has moved into its new location in the North Terminal of Miami International Airport, operating from departure areas at gates D53, D55 and D60. A state-of-the-art facility housing both American and American Eagle, the terminal offers customers improved check-in and domestic baggage claim as well as a Skytrain to whisk thousands of customers per hour along the 1.4-mile length of the terminal. Continue Adobe


November 18, 2010

Medical Care Takes Wing Via Private Miami International Airport Walk-in Clinic Adobe

Miami Today - Medical Care Takes Wing Via Private Miami International Airport Walk-in Clinic


Miami International Airport has raised the bar for medical care with a walk-in clinic that has served nearly 300 patients this year. A privately-owned clinic in the South Terminal by the Concourse H checkpoint, Airport MD opened in January to provide airport employees and travelers with medical services a step above a first-aid clinic.

With a growing number of urgent care centers nationwide, said Airport MD President Jim Whitten, he felt an airport clinic would be logical to provide vaccines, travel health services, urgent care, routine medical care, prescriptions and health education. With available space, roughly 35,000 employees and 33.9 million passengers in 2009, Miami's size and space attracted the first Airport MD location. In March, the company opened its second at Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport. Continue Adobe


November 5, 2010

Miami Strengthens European Links with New Flights Adobe
Miami strengthens European links with new flight



As head of global activities for a cargo company, Doral resident Michael Claus racks up as many as 300,000 miles a year flying around the world. Many are on trips from Miami to U.S. airports that link him directly with Europe. His transatlantic travel is about to get easier, thanks to a slew of new flights to European destinations from Miami International Airport.

Though Miami has long boasted direct service to London, Paris, Madrid and other major cities, new flights link South Florida directly to cities in Germany, Russia, Holland and Spain. A new twice-weekly flight to Moscow on Russian carrier Transaero started late last month -- the first time South Florida has had direct service to Russia in more than a decade. Earlier this week, airberlin launched twice-weekly nonstop service to Berlin, a first for Miami. New service to Amsterdam and Barcelona starts in March; a second airline will begin flying to Amsterdam in June. Continue Adobe


November 12, 2010

MIA's Automated Luggage System '99% Accurate' Adobe

New Customs Area To Open At MIA -- Juan Carlos Arteaga is the Airport Program Director -- click here to view video


System Will Examine, Sort Bags On Way To Plane

If you cringe each time you check a bag at the airport and wonder whether you and your belongings will ever reunite, there is good news. Juan Carlos Arteaga, of Miami International Airport, said the airport's new fully automated baggage handling system is "99 percent accurate."

The machines are designed to handle luggage from the time it lands on the belt to the time it is placed in the belly of the plane. "The overall system has two loops, an outer loop and an inner loop. One goes left; one goes right. The machine carries the bag until pretty much where the plane is parked," said Arteaga.

Each bag travels through a complex matrix where machines are in place to carefully check for explosives. The airport is testing the system with thousands of dummy bags. It won’t process passenger bags until sometime in February. Meanwhile, the airport will use its old system, which sends bags to a central location where handlers sort them. Once the new system is up and running, the airport said it can almost guarantee a hassle-free trip for passengers and their luggage. ~ Watch: Video


November 11, 2010

MIA Exhibit Explores Women, Power and Clothing Adobe

Miami Airport Opens 16 Gates in North Terminal


Trappings: Miami is a collection of photographs and interviews featuring 10 of 600 women who participated in a project that traversed 15 U.S. states.
The exhibit runs through February 2001 at Miami International Airport’s Central Terminal Gallery and poses the question of women: “What do you wear that makes you feel powerful?”

An interactive component also invites women who visit the exhibit to answer the question and email their responses and photo to the artists. The responses are then shown on a video in the gallery through a live feed from the artists’ website. Two Girls Working artists Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki started the Trappings project in 2001, which took seven years to complete, according to an airport release.

The gallery is located in Concourse E just past the security checkpoint. For more details about the exhibit, click here.


November / December, 2010

Miami Int'l Nears Completion of $2.94 Billion North Terminal Adobe

Miami Int'l Nears Completion of $2.94 Billion North Terminal


Miami International Airport is nearing completion of its $2.94 billion transformation of Concourses A through D into the new North Terminal. Along the way, there have been many redevelopment milestones to celebrate: Sixteen more gates were reopened this July, and the full complement of 50 gates is expected to be in operation by next year. American Eagle's Regional Commuter Facility, complete with 12 hard stands and two full contact gates, officially opened in August. And in September, passengers started using the North Terminal's rooftop Skytrain.

The North Terminal Development (NTD) Program is replacing the previous "finger" concourse configuration with a more efficient, mile-long linear terminal. The work includes 1.8 million square feet of renovated space and 1.9 million square feet of new construction, including a 400,000-square-foot federal inspection facility. Continue Adobe


November 10, 2010

Delta Air Lines Gets Government OK to Expand Service at London’s Heathrow Airport Adobe

Transaero Airlines Announces New Non-Stop Service from New York and Miami to Moscow 


Delta Announces London-Miami Service in 2011

The U.S. Department of Transportation and the European Commission today granted Delta Air Lines’ (NYSE: DAL) request to operate new daily, year-round flights between London’s Heathrow and Boston and Miami international airports.  The new flights will begin March 27, 2011, with final flight schedules and fares to be announced within the next week.

“In Florida, our new London-Heathrow service from Miami is possible thanks to the strong support of Miami International Airport, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, the Miami-Dade state legislative delegation and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado,” said Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive vice president – Network Planning, Revenue Management and Marketing.

The new routes will be operated within the scope of Delta’s trans-Atlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM and Alialia. They will bring to four the number of trans-Atlantic routes operated by the joint venture partner airlines from Boston and to five the number of routes offered from Miami.  Delta, Air France. KLM and Alitalia serve Amsterdam, London-Heathrow, Paris and Rome from both cities; Miami customers enjoy additional service to Milan operated by Alitalia. Continue Adobe


November 9, 2010

Special Needs Kids Get Airport Art Show Adobe
Special Needs Kids Get Airport Art Show


The airport can be a very hectic and stressful place to be, but now a group of special needs students is helping travelers stop and smile at MIA. Continue Adobe


November 7, 2010

Barbara Neijna’s Extraordinary ‘Foreverglades’at MIA Wins Prestigious Award Adobe

Miami strengthens European links with new flight



The vast, compelling work of art celebrates one of the world’s great miracles — the slow-moving “river of grass” we call the Everglades. But the art, which fills much of Miami International Airport’s Concourse J, is in many ways a miracle on its own. Barbara Neijna’s Foreverglades is one of the largest public-art projects ever built, covering floors and walls of two floors of the concourse, filling it with words and images, color and light — and even more, perhaps, with insight and inspiration.

On Friday, Neijna and Foreverglades received the first-ever international Art and Work Award for a project in the built environment, an award of such magnitude that other finalists included the city of London and Royal Dutch Telecom. The award was announced at the 2010 World Architecture Conference in Barcelona. It’s an extraordinary honor for an extraordinary accomplishment. Continue Adobe


November 5, 2010

New Miami-Brasilia Flights Set on American and TAM Adobe

Miami Airport Opens 16 Gates in North Terminal


With Brazil’s economy booming, both American and TAM Airlines are launching service between Miami and Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia in the coming weeks. The flights take about seven and a half hours south from Miami.

American plans four flights a week on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting late November. Flights are scheduled to leave Miami at 11:10 p.m. local time and arrive in Brasilia at 9:35 a.m. local time the next day. Flights leave Brasilia at 11:05 a.m. and reach Miami at 3:45 p.m. The first Brasilia to Miami flight is slated for Nov.19. Brazilian airline TAM plans to start Miami-Brasilia flights four times a week in December. Flights leave Miami on Fridays, Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, using a Boeing 763 that can hold 205 passengers. Continue Adobe


November 5, 2010

Miami Strengthens European Links with New Flights Adobe
Miami strengthens European links with new flight



As head of global activities for a cargo company, Doral resident Michael Claus racks up as many as 300,000 miles a year flying around the world. Many are on trips from Miami to U.S. airports that link him directly with Europe. His transatlantic travel is about to get easier, thanks to a slew of new flights to European destinations from Miami International Airport.

Though Miami has long boasted direct service to London, Paris, Madrid and other major cities, new flights link South Florida directly to cities in Germany, Russia, Holland and Spain. A new twice-weekly flight to Moscow on Russian carrier Transaero started late last month -- the first time South Florida has had direct service to Russia in more than a decade. Earlier this week, airberlin launched twice-weekly nonstop service to Berlin, a first for Miami. New service to Amsterdam and Barcelona starts in March; a second airline will begin flying to Amsterdam in June. Continue Adobe




October 2010


October 27, 2010

Local Businesses Take Off at Airports Adobe

Miami Herlad - Local Businesses Take Off at Airports



A host of new shops familiar to locals have opened at South Florida airports in recent months.

Parts of Miami International Airport are starting to look like South Beach. Lincoln Road stalwart Icebox Cafe opened its doors in the airport's new north terminal within the last few weeks. It joined a Shop Britto, featuring the art of Romero Britto, and Books & Books, both with homes in Miami Beach's famed pedestrian mall. Another local food stop, Sushi Maki, has opened at the airports in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

They join locally flavored La Carreta and Cafe Versailles, which long have had outposts at Miami International Airport. And MIA is working on the new terminal's next phase, called the Shops of -- where else? -- Ocean Drive. ``We're trying to create that sense of Miami, that sense of place,'' said Adrian Songer, Miami's chief of airport concession business development. Continue Adobe


October 26, 2010

Icebox Express Now Open at Miami International Airport Adobe

Icebox Express Now Open at Miami International Airport



The airport version of Lincoln Road's Icebox Café, which we wrote about in May, opened one month ago near MIA gate D8. On first try it made a good impression on this traveler. "The feedback has been amazing," said Robert Siegmann, owner of Icebox Café and Icebox Express. "People want healthy food options and they feel that for the first time they have that option at the airport. They've also reacted very well to the design of the place so it's been a wonderful experience."

The place is indeed good looking. A 40-seat dining room has modern, orange seating and metallic hanging lights. It also boasts a wrap-around refrigerated display with pre-packaged foods including sandwiches, salads, charcuterie plates and slices of the restaurant's famous cakes for travelers on the go. Continue Adobe

October 26, 2010

Model Behaviour Adobe


After going 12 years without a single discrepancy in the Federal Aviation Administration Part 139 inspection criteria, Miami International Airport could be considered a paragon of safety and efficiency when it comes to ground operations. New technology is playing its part but, says Lonny Craven, investing time and effort in creating the right business culture is as important.

Airport operating certificates are only awarded if an airport satisfies the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 139 inspection criteria, a stringent test designed to make sure that air transportation and airports meet high operational and safety standards. The basic phases of the inspection include checking the equipment and safety provisions in the movement area, and facilities for aircraft rescue, fire fighting and fuelling.

Miami International Airport (MIA) has maintained its zero discrepancy rating in this assessment for 12 consecutive years, putting it at the forefront of efficiency and safety in airside operations. Technology plays a big part in this success, but the importance of having the right culture should not be overlooked. Continue Adobe


October 25, 2010

New Customs Area To Open At MIA Adobe

New Customs Area To Open At MIA -- Juan Carlos Arteaga is the Airport Program Director -- click here to view video


New Facility Size Of 2 Football Fields

Gretchen Devoue may be from Ohio, but as a Christian missionary who travels a lot, Miami International Airport is home away from home. In between flights, the 1,700-foot walk between her gate in the North Terminal and the available customs area in concourse E is her workout. "Oh yeah, I've done that walk. I just think customs is kind of congested and confusing," said Devoue.

Juan Carlos Arteaga is the Airport Program Director. He said in one year the experience through customs will be entirely different as the airport is adding a third location for processing people coming into this country. Local 10's Sasha Andrade got a behind the scenes look at the construction zone. The area is the size of two football fields, with plenty of room to handle a lot of traffic. "What you have is 72 check booths. We have the capacity to process 3,300 passengers per hour," said Arteaga.

Once the new customs and border control section opens inside the north terminal, lines, as well as other inconveniences, are expected to shrink dramatically. "You basically get out of the train and the facility is right in front of you so there's no more walking," said Arteaga.
Devou said the news is already making her walk to customs feel shorter, now that the end is in sight. "Every time there's a change there's always an inconvenience for a while but then things are better," Devou said.. Continue Adobe


October 25, 2010

Powerful "Trinity" Activation Drives Zacapa Rum at Miami Airport Adobe

Powerful "Trinity" activation drives Zacapa rum at Miami Airport

US. An alliance between Diageo, Duty Free Americas (DFA) and Miami International Airport (MIA) has developed a powerful activation around the Ron Zacapa rum brand at the key US gateway. The activation, described as representing “an exceptionally broad, shared approach” has taken place at Miami International Airport Terminal D, the Latin American and Caribbean hub for American Airlines and American Eagle.

The theatrical experience is centered upon a striking new tasting bar, located in the rotunda between gates D25 and D41. The design theme of the new tasting bar, by Bloom Interior Architecture, is themed upon the ageing process of Zacapa Rum „above the clouds? whereby, after distillation, the rum is transported to the Guatemalan highlands to be aged at 2300m above sea level, the highest ageing facility in the world. Continue Adobe


October 20, 2010

Transaero Airlines Announces New Non-Stop Service from New York and Miami to Moscow Adobe

Transaero Airlines Announces New Non-Stop Service from New York and Miami to Moscow 


TRANSAERO becomes world's only carrier to offer direct non-stop service between Miami and Moscow

Transaero Airlines, Russia's second largest passenger air carrier, is launching non-stop service from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport and Miami International Airport to Moscow's Domodedovo International Airport. The airline will become the only carrier offering a non-stop service from Miami to Russia. The service for both routes is scheduled to start in October, three times per week for the New York route and twice per week for the Miami route. Flights can be booked at and

Transaero offers convenient connections from New York and Miami to 20 major cities in the Russian Federation, including St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg and Far East destinations, as well as in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Israel. The airline offers a frequent-flyer reward program, Transaero Privilege, with two levels of membership available. Continue Adobe


October 20, 2010

Miami, NYC Tourism Agencies Announce Joint Venture Adobe

Miami, NYC Tourism Agencies Announce Joint Venture

Tourism officials in Miami and New York City are trying to sweeten the travel love affair between the two destinations. The Big Apple sent 1.6 million visitors to Miami-Dade County last year -- more than a tenth of all tourists to the county in 2009. More than 775,000 Miami residents headed north to New York. In these still-soft economic times, both areas are eager for more visitors.

To that end, the tourism czars from both regions held a press conference Tuesday at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts to announce a new partnership meant to boost inter-area travel -- and to promote a short-term sale on flights from American Airlines. The deal, which must be booked by midnight Thursday, offers flights to New York's three airports for $79 one way. Tickets are valid for travel between Jan. 5-Feb. 25, though holiday weekends are not included in the sale. Continue Adobe


October 19, 2010

Miami, New York Team Up for Tourism Adobe


The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau announced a joint marketing venture with its counterpart agency in New York City. The goal is to bolster travel between the two metropolitan areas, CVB President and CEO Bill Talbert told an audience Tuesday. “The two most successful destinations in the U.S. today are Miami and New York,” he said. “But this is all about incremental business.” He said that the partnership, one-year long to start, would include a collaborative marketing strategy that’s still being finalized, he said.

New visitors will be one of the groups targeted by the CVB, he added. More than 85 percent of those coming here are repeat visitors. Of the 11.9 million visitors who came to Miami in 2009, 1.6 million were from New York, Talbert noted.

Coinciding with the CVB’s announcement, American Airlines said it would offer special $79 fares on one-way tickets between South Florida and New York City metropolitan area airports. The limited fares can be purchased Oct. 19-21, and will be applied to a Jan. 5-Feb. 25 travel period. Continue Adobe


October 14, 2010

MIA Will Become a Modern Citadel Adobe

(Translated from Spanish)

Maybe not everyone knows that Miami International Airport (MIA) is the main lung that provides oxygen to the county economy and that for years it has been experiencing a radical transformation.

While driving on one of the nearby highways one can observe the regular flow of planes but it’s impossible to imagine that in 2009 its 80 airlines made 347,240 landings or takeoffs to and from 157 cities, transporting 33.9 million passengers and 1,468.796 tons of international cargo as well as 207,719 tons of domestic cargo. Continue Adobe


October 7, 2010

Transaero Airlines Opens New Routes To U.S. Adobe

Transaero Airlines Opens New Routes To U.S.


Transaero Airlines, Russia's second largest carrier, will inaugurate two nonstop flights connecting Moscow Domodedovo Airport with New York John F. Kennedy and Miami International airports at the end of this month.

On Oct. 29, the airline will launch four-times-weekly service from its home base in Moscow to New York with Boeing 747-400 aircraft seating up to 352 passengers in a three-class configuration—business, premium economy and economy. Continue Adobe


October 6, 2010

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Announce Better Deal for Trans-Atlantic Flyers Adobe

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia Announce Better Deal for Trans-Atlantic Flyers


More access to cheaper fares, bigger choice of flight times and easier connecting journeys will become reality for transatlantic flyers with the launch of the new joint business between American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia.

The CEOs of the three oneworld® airlines met in London today for the official start of the new trilateral relationship, which enables oneworld to compete far more effectively with other global alliances on routes between Europe and North America. Continue Adobe




September 2010


September, 2010

The WOW Factor  Adobe

Airport World - The WOW Factor


Joanne Paternoster takes a closer look at the sustainability enhancing customer service efforts of a handful of gateways.

Like the airports already featured in this article, Miami International Airport is not new to wowing passengers. In fact, in 2007, MIA was the fi rst airport to engage the Disney Institute to train all mid and top-level management employees as well as all of its frontline employees.

That was the beginning of a cultural shift at MIA led by MIA’s director, José Abreu who has made customer service one of his top initiatives. Continue


September 27, 2010

Disney Institute Case Study: Miami International Airport 

YouTube Disney Institute Case Study: Miami International Airport



September 27, 2010

MIA Among the Fastest Growing U.S. Airports  Adobe

Airline Weekly: MIA Among the Fastest Growing U.S. Airports


Continue Adobe


September 20, 2010

Airberlin to Further Strengthen its Position in the U.S. Market  Adobe

Airline Weekly: MIA Among the Fastest Growing U.S. Airports


Launch of twice weekly nonstop service from Miami to Berlin - codeshare flights with American Airlines as of November 2010

The fifth largest European carrier airberlin increases its presence in the U.S. market with the launch of a new route from Miami to Berlin and the start of codeshare flights with oneworld® member American Airlines as of November 2010.

The new nonstop service will connect Miami with the German capital of Berlin starting November 1, 2010 until April 28, 2011. The flights to and from Berlin will operate on Mondays and Thursdays utilizing an Airbus A330-200 with 276 seats in economy class and 24 in business class featuring airberlin’s award-winning service. Continue Adobe


September, 2010

Consolidated Rental Car Center Cuts Traffic & Confusion at Miami Int'l Adobe

Airport Improvement - Consolidated Rental Car Center Cuts Traffic & Confusion at Miami Int'l


With room for 6,500 vehicles and 16 car rental companies, the new four-level, $383 million rental car center (RCC) at Miami International Airport (MIA) had an instant impact on the airport, passengers and surrounding streets when it opened in July.Gone is the "triangle" - 50 acres of individual car rental facilities sprawled around the airport. Gone is half of the airport's 120-vehicle shuttle bus fleet. Gone is 15% of terminal core traffic and the congestion it caused.

"The dispersed nature of the car rental companies was a point of dissatisfaction with passengers," recalls Ray Diaz, chief of commercial operations at MIA. "After arriving at MIA, getting to a car rental company was one thing. But returning cars to the right places was confusing and a point of aggravation to everyone. The RCC will be a great convenience, and people avoiding the airport will come back." Continue Adobe



Southeast Construction Announces Best Of 2010 Winners

Southeast Construction Announces Best Of 2010 Winners


Southeast Construction Announces Best Of 2010 Winners Orlando, Fla. – September 21, 2010 – Southeast Construction magazine is pleased to announce the winners of its Best Of 2010 awards program. The annual competition recognizes construction and design excellence in the four-state region that includes Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

This year, 183 entries vied for top honors in 22 different categories, based on construction type. An independent jury of industry experts reviewed the entries, and met in September to finalize this year’s winners. Eligible projects had to be located within the four-state region and completed between Sept. 1, 2009, and Sept. 1, 2010.

“Best Of” awards were given to the top entry in a category that the judges deemed to be truly exceptional. “Awards of Excellence” also were presented to projects that the judges considered worthy of recognition. All winning projects will be featured in an upcoming issue of Southeast Construction and will be honored at a luncheon to be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando on Dec. 8.

Also, five projects were considered for the competition’s top prize, the “Judges Award,” for best overall project. Finalists included: the Georgia Aquarium Dolphin Expansion in Atlanta; Shands Cancer Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville; Atlantic Coast High School in Jacksonville, Fla.; the Duke University East Campus Steam Plant in Raleigh, N.C.; and the North Terminal Development Consolidation Project, Phase 1, in Miami, Fla. A secondary review of these nominated projects is under way, with the results to be announced soon.

Top winners in each category will be entered into the National Best Of the Best competition. Those winners will be profiled in Engineering News-Record and at Southeast Construction is part of McGraw-Hill Construction’s network of Regional Construction Publications. A list of winners follows. Continue

September 20, 2010

Skytrain Service Takes Off at Miami International Airport  Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

Skytrain began carrying passengers on September 15, 2010. It has four stations spaced a quarter-mile apart. Each station has two separate lobbies, for domestic and international passengers. Each train has four cars, two for domestic passengers, two for international passengers. This arrangement keeps international passengers who must clear immigration and customs separate from domestic passengers who need not do so.

Skytrain can accommodate up to 9,000 passengers per hour. It runs at up to 30 miles an hour on dual concrete guideways atop Concourse D’s roof. On one side, riders can see jets lined up at the gates, trundling along the ramps, and taking off and landing on MIA’s north runways. The other side offers a view across the city to to the downtown Miami skyline along Biscayne Bay. Continue Adobe


September 15, 2010

Miami Airport Skytrain Rolls Out to Link 60 Airline Gates  Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

The people mover runs one mile, connecting 60 gates in the swanky new North Terminal, also known as Concourse D, which services American Airlines and its regional carrier American Eagle.

The light-rail train is part of the 50-year-old airport's $6.4 billion upgrade project that began in 1998 -- years behind schedule, but nearing the end. Completion of the entire project is on target for next year, MIA spokesman Greg Chin said.Continue   Adobe


Skytrain To Open At Miami International Airport (WPLG Local 10)
Starting Wednesday, the Skytrain will transport passengers through Miami International Airport's busiest terminal.

Skytrain Flying High at MIA (NBC Miami)
Now you can take to the air to get to your flight.

Miami International Airport’s Skytrain (WSVN Channel 7 News)


September 1, 2010

Hands of Haiti art exhibit to debut at Miami International Airport   Adobe

Miami Airport Opens 16 Gates in North Terminal

Bored or delayed at the Miami airport? Check this out! Miami International Airport on Thursday will unveil an art exhibit, called Hands of Haiti, from Haitian artists who have continued their craft despite challenges from the country’s devastating earthquake in January.

The exhibit, featuring more than 60 major works, will be on display for the first time ever at the airport’s South Terminal Gallery where it will stay until March 2011. It includes works of cut metal, woven sequined flags, beaded artwork on leather, sculptures made from discarded urban materials, carnival masks, clay pottery and photography. Continue  Adobe




August 2010


August 31, 2010

Haitian Art Exhibit Coming to MIA  Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

A new Haitian art exhibit opens Sept. 2 at Miami International Airport as part of a program to help struggling artists in Haiti and preserve artworks salvaged from the rubble after the earthquake.

The exhibit will include works of cut metal, woven sequined flags, beaded artwork on leather, sculpture made from discarded urban material, carnival masks, clay pottery and photography. There will also be musical recordings and archival video footage by the late Alan Lomax, who documented Haitian music. Continue  Adobe


August 10, 2010

American Airlines Awards Miami International Airport Employees for Improved Customer Service   Adobe

CNBC logo - American Airlines Awards Miami International Airport Employees for Improved Customer Service

Miami Takes Home 'Customer Cup' For Third Quarter in a Row

American Airlines employees in Miami celebrated a customer service victory this week as the airline announced the top five airports to be honored for improved customer experience and innovative problem-solving during the second quarter of 2010. The program is called the Customer Cup, the winners of which are announced each quarter.

...Miami was awarded the Customer Cup for the third consecutive quarter for improving internal customer satisfaction ratings in several categories, leading the pack in making the biggest improvements year-over-year compared to other stations of the same size. Continue   Adobe


August 3, 2010

American Eagle Announces Winter Schedule, Offering Increased Service and Convenience at Its Miami Hub   Adobe

American Eagle Announces Daily Nonstop Service Between Miami and Gainesville, Fla.

Eagle Moving Soon to Miami's New North Terminal Facilities

American Eagle Airlines, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, today announced increased nonstop service between Miami International Airport (MIA) and 10 additional cities throughout the American Airlines network, beginning Nov. 18. The airline will also introduce two new daily nonstop flights from Miami to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) on Nov. 18. This is in addition to previously-announced new service between Miami and Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) in Gainesville, Fla., that begins Oct. 1.

"As we prepare for the opening of the new home for American Eagle in Miami, these additional flights confirm the importance of our new facility to the continued growth of American Eagle and Miami International Airport," said Jose Abreu, Miami-Dade Aviation Director. Continue   Adobe




July 2010


July 29, 2010

Passenger Traffic Increases at Miami International Airport  Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

More people traveled through Miami International Airport in the first six months of this year compared with 2009, putting the airport well on track to beat expectations for the year. Passenger traffic increased 4 percent in the first part of the year, with a larger increase in international travel than domestic, according to an MIA report. International traffic jumped 4.8 percent, while domestic passenger traffic grew by 3.3 percent. Through June, the airport served 17.6 million passengers. Freight volume also jumped in the first half of 2010, with an increase of almost 29 percent in international freight and a 10.3 percent rise domestically. Previous projections called for barely a 1 percent increase in passenger traffic in the fiscal year that ends in September. Continue Adobe


July 27, 2010

Miami-Dade Saves $5 Million Annually in Airport Borrowing Fees Adobe

Bloomberg - Miami-Dade Saves $5 Million Annually in Airport Borrowing Fees

Miami International Airport, the largest U.S. gateway to Latin America, said the financing costs for its most recent bond sale were about half a percentage point less than an April estimate. The so-called true interest cost of the securities, which takes into account the timing of the interest and principal payments, was 4.92 percent, compared with an April estimate of 5.44 percent, the airport said in a release yesterday. The lower interest rates will result in net savings of $5 million in annual borrowing costs.

Miami-Dade County issued its last tranche of more than $500 million in revenue bonds on July 22 for the $6 billion expansion of the airport, which includes additional cargo areas, a new air-traffic control tower and an increase in the area of the terminal building by more than 60 percent. “We’re thrilled,” said Anne Syrcle Lee, chief financial officer for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, which operates the airport. “The market conditions were vastly better and we had excellent underwriters who marketed very aggressively.” Continue Adobe

July 24, 2010

Letters to the Editor  Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

A satisfied customer of MIA

A July 16 letter writer (MIA is a mess) took issue with the ``public-relations'' of the July 10 Other Views column, A new `can-do' spirit at Miami's airport, by Joe Cardona on improvements at Miami International Airport. The writer said MIA is such an embarrassment to her that she avoids it and prefers using and picking up friends and relatives at Fort Lauderdale's airport. Unlike the reader but like Cardona, I regularly fly out of Miami International Aiport. As a regular customer with no connection or relatives working for the airport or city/county governments, my praise of the airport cannot be labeled a public-relations ploy. Continue  Adobe


July 2010

More Than a Modernization 

More Than a Modernization - MIA’s $6.3 billion capital improvement program nears completion

PDF version

MIA’s $6.3 billion capital improvement program nears completion

Since the late 1990s, Miami International Airport’s capital improvement program (CIP) has been one of the largest redevelopment efforts underway at a U.S. airport. With the completion of a fourth runway, the development of two passenger terminals, and the realization of an aggressive cargo facility development program, the gateway airport’s CIP has encompassed all aspects of airport operations. Now, as officials gear up for the culmination of the decade-long plus program, director José Abreu sits with AIRPORT BUSINESS to discuss the challenges involved.

The primary objectives for MIA’s multi-year capital improvement program (CIP), as laid out by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners (BCC) are as follows:

• Enhance efficiency and safety;
• Reduce delays;
• Maximize non-aeronautical revenues;
• Modernize the facilities;
• Support the needs of airline carriers;
• Increase air cargo activity;
• Accommodate changes in the aircraft fleet mix;
• And to complete a multitude of infrastructure and environmental support projects at Miami International and the general aviation airports within the Miami-Dade Aviation System.
Handling more than 33 million passengers and two million tons of cargo annually, MIA is among the nation’s busiest international and cargo airports, and continues to be Florida’s leading international gateway, handling some 70 percent of the state’s arrivals from abroad — more than all the other airports in Florida combined. Continue


July 21, 2010

Miami Airport Opens 16 Gates in North Terminal Adobe

Miami Airport Opens 16 Gates in North Terminal

Miami International Airport’s North Terminal on Tuesday re-opened 16 gates in the former Concourse A, which has been completely renovated, re-named and is now an extension of Concourse D. The gates are numbered D-1 through D-19 ( there are no gates numbered D-13 and D-18 ). North Terminal’s security checkpoint  #1 also is open. Continue Adobe

July 10, 2010

New Rental Car Center Expected to Bring Dramatic Change to MIA Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

The first major component of a huge transportation hub near Miami International Airport opens early Tuesday, bringing dramatic change to the way travelers use MIA.

The opening of the rental car center will mark completion of the first major phase of the $1.7-billion Miami Intermodal Center travel hub, which by 2015 will connect in one site virtually all county modes of transportation: aircraft, cars, Metrorail, Tri-Rail, Amtrak and perhaps in the future high-speed rail. The MIC, as the travel hub is known, is one of three major transportation projects underway in South Florida -- along with the $1.8-billion reconstruction of Interstate 595 in central Broward, and the $1-billion construction of a tunnel under Biscayne Bay to the Port of Miami. Continue Adobe

 CBS 4 Video (2:10)

 NBC 6 Video (2:14)

 7 News Video (2:21)

 WPLG Local 10 Video (2:20)

 Miami Herald Video (1:05)


July 10, 2010
A New `Can Do' Spirit at Miami's Airport

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

... Then, some time last year, I began to notice a change. At first it was in minute increments -- the place seemed more orderly, signage improved and the attitude of the employees appeared to be more helpful. I wondered, was this a mirage? A sudden glimpse of a functionally sound enterprise in what was ordinarily a cesspool of mismanagement? Fortunately for those of us who take pride in our city, the positive signs at MIA continued to accrue.

So who is responsible for this new MIA? All roads led to Director of Aviation José Abreu, who, after serving 2 ½ years as the state's secretary of transportation, took on the daunting task of cleaning up the age-old mess at the airport in July 2005. An engineer by trade, Abreu is chock full of pragmatism. ``Plan the work and work the plan'' is his mantra, and it has served MIA well. Under his oversight the South terminal was finally completed. The new rental car center will open next week. Continue


June 2010
June 30, 2010

Fitch Rates Miami-Dade County, Florida's $530MM Aviation Revs 'A'; Outlook Stable Adobe

Fitch Rates Miami-Dade County, Florida's $530MM Aviation Revs 'A'; Outlook Stable

The 'A' rating reflects MIA's position as one of the nation's major international ports of entry and the leading international gateway to Latin America. The airport's strengths also include a well balanced traffic profile between origination/destination (O&D) and connecting passengers that serves domestic and international travel, enhanced management oversight of the capital improvement program, and historically stable financial operations supported by flexible airport use and lease agreements that work well for an airport with significant hubbing operations. Fitch also notes that the airport maintains a very conservative debt profile with no variable-rate or swap risk.

The Stable Rating Outlook reflects expectations that MIA's traffic base will not face near-term contraction in both its domestic and lucrative Latin American markets as a result of global recessionary effects on air travel. Over the past year, travel levels have been largely unchanged and the airport's anchor carrier, American Airlines (Issuer Default Rating rated 'CCC' by Fitch), continues to demonstrate solid support for the hubbing operations at MIA, including planned additions in flights and seating capacity later in 2010. Further, the capital program continues to progress on budget with only nominal completion setbacks related to its new in-line baggage system, and the updated projected airline cost profile shows some modest reduction as compared to previous forecasts. The series 2010B bond issue is expected to be the final borrowing component to the airport's $6.5 billion capital program. Continue Adobe


June 28, 2010

American Eagle Announces Daily Nonstop Service Between Miami and Gainesville, Fla. Adobe

American Eagle Announces Daily Nonstop Service Between Miami and Gainesville, Fla.

Eagle Also to Reinstate Miami Service to Treasure Cay, Bahamas

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- American Eagle Airlines, the regional affiliate of American Airlines, today announced nonstop service between Miami International Airport (MIA) and Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) in Gainesville, Fla., beginning Oct. 1. Eagle will operate the service with 64-seat Super ATR aircraft.

"We are excited to launch this service to Gainesville – with its strong ties to South Florida, both in business and education," said Peter J. Dolara, American's Senior Vice President based in Miami. "Our passengers have been asking for this new service. Connecting these two communities is proof of our ongoing commitment to increase service from our Miami hub. It will also offer passengers from the Gainesville area the ability to connect to destinations throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe.". Continue Adobe


June 24, 2010
FPL Services Launches Second Phase of Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Agreement with Miami International Airport Adobe

FPL Services Launches Second Phase of Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Agreement with Miami International Airport

MIA Expected to Save More Than $11 Million in Energy Expenses

FPL Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light Company, announced today that Miami International Airport (MIA) entered the second phase of a comprehensive, energy-efficiency program expected to produce cumulative net savings of $11 million for the 7.5 million-square-foot terminal.

“It is a privilege for FPL Services to partner again with Miami International Airport to improve the infrastructure of its facilities, increase the efficiency of its operations and reduce its impact on the environment” Continue  Adobe


June 24, 2010
Airport Runway Expansion in West Kendall Begins Soon  Adobe

Airport runway expansion in West Kendall begins soon

After years of delay, one of the runways at Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport in West Kendall, one of the busiest generation aviation airports in the state, will be extended to allow newer generation aircraft to take off. The south runway will be extended 1,000 feet for a total length of 6,000 feet, even though it could’ve been a total of more than 7,000 feet. Continue  Adobe


June 24, 2010
Miami Debuts New Nonstop Flights to Europe  Adobe

Miami debuts new nonstop flights to Europe

Miami International Airport began new non-stop service to Italy and France this month. Italy’s Alitalia now flies three times a week between Milan and Miami on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, using Boeing B767-400 aircraft. Roundtrip fares start at $1548, including taxes. For more information, call 800-223-5730 or visit France’s low-cost CorsairFly also started service to Orly Airport in Paris, initially flying out Mondays and returning Fridays using an Airbus A330-200. Round-trip fares start at $843, including taxes. For more information, call 877-554-3389 or check

In November, Germany’s Air Berlin will start non-stop service betweem Miami and Berlin twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Flights will operate Nov. 1 through April 28, using an Airbus 330-200. Round-trip rates start at $658, plus service charges. For more information, call 886-266-5588 or visit Continue Adobe


June 22, 2010
Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of Adobe

Miami, Fort Lauderdale Airports Taking Of

Seeing promise in South Florida as a tourist lure and business destination, airlines are adding flights at local airports despite the soft economy.  As a result, residents have new options if they want to go to Milan, Paris, Frankfurt or ... Tulsa, Okla.  ``All of those are very significant because they drive access from the business perspective and for tourism,'' said Frank Nero, president of the Beacon Council. ``Miami is what it is because of air traffic.''

In June alone, new flights are being added from Miami International Airport to Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands, Paris, Milan, Tulsa, and Monterrey in Mexico. Officials with Aeromexico, which starts the daily Monterrey-Miami flight on June 28, see the new flight as an way to send more tourists to Miami while drawing business to the industrial city in northeastern Mexico. Continue Adobe

June 18, 2010
Best Miami Food Court 2010: Miami International Airport's North Terminal Adobe

Miami New Times - Best Of Awards


Granted, the quality of eats found in food courts is generally not of epicurean note, but the selections at Miami International Airport's North Terminal (post-security, especially) give travelers a good taste of some pretty recognizable local offerings, so it deserves cred.

Tourists who get to the airport late or go straight to South Beach would miss out on Little Havana's top menu items (AKA some of the finest Cuban eats in the city), if not for Café Versailles and La Carreta representing at MIA. How tragic for those sunburned visitors to not try one little smoky ham croqueta or medianoche before they go back home! Continue Adobe


June 18, 2010
American Airlines' Adds Nonstop Tulsa-Miami Flight Adobe

The growth in the Latin American and Caribbean markets is propelling American’s expansion in Miami, executives say. From 2002 to 2010, American’s passenger traffic in Miami increased 33 percent, to an estimated 11 million passenger boardings this year — nearly a third of the 34 million passenger boardings expected at Miami International Airport in 2010, officials said.

To accommodate the growth, American is investing $2.89 billion in the expansion of its 1.7-million-square-foot mile-long North Terminal. In September, when the North Terminal construction is slated for completion, American will consolidate its international and domestic flight operations from three terminals. Continue Adobe


June 11, 2010
Meet MIA’s Volunteer of the Year Adobe

River Cities Gazette

After teaching elementary school in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system for 45 years and earning master’s and doctorate degrees in education, Miami Springs resident Carol Dunstall decided that she still wanted to do more. She became a dedicated and committed volunteer ambassador at Miami International Airport after seeing an add in the Gazette. In recognition of her hundreds of volunteer hours and tireless efforts to assist travelers, Carol Dunstall was named MIA’s Volunteer Ambassador of the Year. Continue Adobe


June11, 2010
Hotel MIA Housekeeper's Good Deed Honored Adobe

Miami Herald

It has been an especially tough year for Jeanne Mydil, a housekeeper at Miami International Airport Hotel. Her sister's husband died in the Haiti earthquake. Her own husband died suddenly May 23 from complications of diabetes. She had to borrow money to bury him. But when Mydil found a large zippered bag in a nightstand with $6,000 cash, she did exactly what her heart told her -- returned it without taking a penny. Continue Adobe


June 8, 2010

Alitalia Begins Milan Non-Stop Service at MIA Adobe

Travel Daily News


Miami International Airport (MIA) welcomed the inaugural flight of Alitalia’s new Milan-Miami non-stop service on Thursday, June 3, with a special ceremony that included a water cannon salute by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.  Alitalia commenced three times weekly service from Milan to MIA, which is in addition to the airline's current daily non-stop service from Rome to Miami.  The flight will operate Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays with Boeing B767-400 aircraft. Continue Adobe



June 3, 2010
Diplomatic Lounge at Miami International Airport was Haitian Refuge Days after Devastating Earthquake Adobe
Miami Today

An expanded, luxury-appointed consular lounge at Miami International Airport opened just in time to handle refugees from the earthquake in Haiti.  "The space housed many children and their families arriving from Haiti and going to their respective cities. It became a sort of ground zero," said Irving Fourcand, director of protocol and international affairs at the airport. The lounge opened Dec. 11, 2009, just a month before the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake. That humanitarian use of the lounge for victims of natural disaster, however, is a far cry from its purpose. Continue  Adobe




May 2010


May 25, 2010
HMSHost to Bring Fresh Flavor to Miami International Airport Adobe

Industry leader wins additional 8-year food, beverage and retail award

BETHESDA, MD - HMSHost, a world leader in travel dining and shopping, announced today the award of a new eight year food and beverage concessions agreement at Miami International Airport (MIA). HMSHost and local Miami ACDBE partners Tinsley Family Concessions and Master ConcessionAir will offer MIA’s North Terminal travelers new dining options that reflect the city’s style and culture. Continue Adobe


May 24, 2010
Tourism Training Takes Flight in Miami Adobe
Workforce Management -

It is a typically hectic day at Miami International Airport. Businesspeople scurry past in frantic last-minute efforts to catch departing flights. Amid the clamor, a shoeshine man calmly buffs the wingtips of a 30-something executive, whose face is buried deep in a newspaper. Across the concourse, a waitress in a navy blue apron serves up fully loaded hot dogs to a family en route to a vacation spot. Passing in front of all this activity, an airline worker pushes a woman in a wheelchair, steering through a maze of people toward the far end of the terminal.

Scenes like this play out hundreds of times a day at Miami International. Owing to its proximity to various tourist destinations, Miami International served nearly 34 million passengers in 2009. That makes it the 12th-busiest U.S. airport and 25th-busiest in the world, according to Airports Council International, a trade group in Geneva. Continue Adobe


May 19, 2010

American Airlines Donates MD-80 Jet to Miami Aviation School Adobe

American Airlines logo

By Jonathan Heckman
Miami's George T. Baker Aviation School, a public, tax-supported institution, received a generous gift from American Airlines, a McDonnell Douglas MD-80. The $6 million aircraft spent three hours in transit to arrive at its new home, ...

Continue Adobe


May 20, 2010

Icebox Café Takes Off to Miami International Airport Adobe

Miami NewTimes

Oprah Winfrey has hailed Icebox Café 's cakes as some of the best in the country. Now, travelers with a sweet tooth won't have to schlep to Lincoln Road for a slice of raspberry chocolate mousse. This fall, Icebox Café is opening a satellite location at Miami International airport called Icebox On The Fly. This culinary outpost will be located near gate D10 in the new American Airlines terminal. Continue Adobe

May 18, 2010

LAN Cargo’s New Refrigeration Facility at MIA  (video) 

CNN en Español

LAN Cargo’s new state-of-the-art, eco-friendly refrigeration facility at MIA was featured on the  CNN en Espanol show “Economia y Finanza.” 

Click here to view  


May/June 2010 Issue

First Class? Adobe

Modern Luxury - Miami

Modern Luxury: Miami - Miami International Airport adds cultural programming and other upgrades to try to shed its negative reputation.  Among the changes designed to combat its rep? New check-in and checkpoints, valet parking service, 40 new stores and restaurants, art exhibitions and the opening of a rooftop people mover scheduled for September. Continue Adobe


May 2010 Issue

MIA Britto Store Voted Best New Shop by Travel + Leisure Adobe

Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure Names the 10 "Best Airport Hot Spots" - Best New Shop: Miami: Britto, Miami International (MIA). Silver-and-enamel sculptures and coffee-table books line the shelves at the first airport shop dedicated to Brazilian artist Romero Britto, whose works have been featured at the Louvre. North Terminal, Concourse D, Gate 32. Continue Adobe


May 7, 2010

Corona-Themed Restaurant Makes Debut At MIA Adobe

Airport Revenue News

Airport Revenue News - Following the theme of Cinco de Mayo, Corona Beach House Miami, the first-ever Corona-themed restaurant, opened its doors at Miami International (MIA) on Wednesday. continue Adobe


May 5, 2010
Passenger Traffic, Freight Up at Miami International Airport Adobe
Miami Herald

The Miami Herlad - Miami International Airport reported a 3.5 percent increase in passengers and a 25 percent increase in freight for the first quarter of 2010. Continue Adobe


April 2010
April 30, 2010

Miami Air Cargo Grows 24 Percent Adobe

Miami Herald

The Journal of Commerce - International freight soars 30 percent on month-to-month basis in March Miami International Airport’s cargo traffic grew 24 percent in the first quarter, including a 38.1 percent jump in March, as a recovery in expedited shipping through the gateway to Latin America accelerated. Continue Adobe


April 25, 2010

US$2.8-Billion Facelift Making Airport More User-friendly Adobe

Jamaica Observer

The Jamaica Observer - Travelling through Miami International Airport (MIA) -- one of the leading United States gateways to the Caribbean -- is expected to be a much more pleasant experience with the completion next fall of a three-phase expansion project on the North Terminal, the Latin American and Caribbean hub for American Airlines and its partner American Eagle. Continue Adobe


April 21, 2010
Stranded European Tourists Offered Free Admission to Seaquarium Adobe
Miami Herald

The Miami Herald - Your airplane ticket might not get you to Europe, but it will get you into a Miami tourist attraction. The Miami Seaquarium is offering European passengers stranded at Miami International Airport free admission to the park. Passengers must have a European passport and a return ticket dated between April 14 and April 23. For each airline ticket shown, one admission will be given. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. It expires Friday. More information about the Seaquarium is available at


April 8, 2010

Freight that Can't Wait is Big Business at MIA  Adobe

Miami Herlad

The Miami Herald - Using more than 80 airlines -- including cargo carriers and passenger airlines that ship cargo in the bellies of their planes -- MIA's air freight operations provide a vital trade link between the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. MIA handles about 82 percent of all air imports from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as about 79 percent of all U.S. exports to the region. Continue  Adobe


April 8, 2010

First “Green” Transatlantic Flight by a U.S. Airline Arrives at MIA Adobe

Air Transport World

Air Transport World - On April 7, American Airlines became the first US airline to test next-generation technology and procedures on a transatlantic flight aboard a 767-300 from Paris Charles de Gaulle to MIA, using several fuel conservation measures including single-engine taxi on departure and arrival, continuous climb and descent, a tailored arrival and "several key elements" of its existing fuel conservation program Fuel Smart. Continue Adobe


March 2010
March 19, 2010
Miami Airport Ready for Cargo Boom with Panama Canal Expansion  Adobe
Hong Kong Trade Development Center

Hong Kong Trade Development Center - Asian cargo carriers have already increased service, said Chris Mangos, director of marketing for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. "We've gone from nine Asian freight flights per week before the recession to 15 per week now," he said. Already MIA is a national import hub, receiving 86.3 per cent of the country's flower imports in 2008, more than 70 per cent of US fruit and vegetable imports and nearly 65 per cent of fish imports.. Continue Adobe


March 15, 2010

Haitian Relief Efforts at MIA Adobe

Florida Airport Council (FAC)

Florida Airports Council (FAC) - Read FAC's Airmail newsletter article about MIA's massive relief effort following January 12 earthquake in Haiti, one of the largest natural disasters in the history of the western hemisphere. Continue


March 11, 2010

40 at a Time, 35,000 MIA Workers Train to Better Help Visitors Adobe

Miami News

Miami Today - At first glance, the 40 or so men and women sitting in school desks Monday at Miami International Airport customer service training seemed anything but uniform. Two younger-looking women sat up straight toward the front of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department training room, looking polished in heels; handbags at their sides. A spectacled, gray-haired man who could have been a professor leaned against the wall to the right. And toward the back, a row of gruff men in neon-orange vests striped with reflective tape sat slightly slumped but attentive. Despite coming from different fields — construction, cargo and more — all had one thing in common: as new hires at Miami International, they're now tourism-industry representatives. Continue Adobe


February 2010
February 2, 2010

Miami International Airport: An entirely new facility Adobe

Miami International Airport: An entirely new facility

With the new 1.7 million square foot South Terminal now open and the 3.2 million square foot North Terminal scheduled for completion in 2011, MIA is prepared for the future. Continue Adobe

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February 2010 Issue

Non-Traditional Methods Increase Security at Miami Int'l Adobe

Airport Improvement

Airport Improvement Magazine - Technology reigns supreme in airport security - from increasingly fast baggage screening systems to puffer machines able to detect mere traces of explosives on passengers. But focusing solely on equipment is a mistake, say some security experts. Lauren Stover, director of Security and Operations at Miami International Airport, considers no-tech surveillance by airport employees the most powerful preventive weapon in her arsenal. "Technology comes and goes," Stover explains. "But the ability to detect anomalies in human behavior will never go obsolete." Continue Adobe


January 2010
January 2010

MIA Featured on Local News Program Issues  (video) 

Issues, and original; production of WPBT2

Aviation Director José Abreu and Assistant Aviation Director of Operations Lauren Stover were guests last week on the WPBT2 news program Issues, with host Helen Aguirre Ferré, to discuss MIA’s security operations and Capital Improvement Program.  Click here   to view the show online.



National Geographic's Inside Series - Inside Miami International Airport   (video) 

National Geographic's Inside Series  - Inside Miami International Airport

National Geographic - Go beyond the 'no entry' signs at one of the busiest airports in the United States to discover a world of carefully choreographed chaos. Watch as staff try to wrangle a massive human migration across borders, time zones and a culture divide. Twenty four hours, 1000 flights, 90,000 people: what could possibly go wrong?

View Video  - Year Filmed: 2007