Miami Wave

Miami Wave, 2003
John David Mooney
Concrete Pavers

Miami-Dade Art in Public Places commissioned Chicago artist John David Mooney to create Miami Wave, a two-part art installation sited in the central island of the entrance and Toll Collection Plaza of Miami International Airport. Inspired by Miami’s light and water, Mooney envisioned Miami Wave as a place of welcome and memory for those entering and exiting the area. The first phase of the installation consists of a multi colored concrete paving design which has been integrated as part of the architectural design of the toll plaza, creating a visual unity across the vast hardscape of the plaza. Mooney’s creative use of color and line represents the kinetic quality of a wave moving through space and time, transmitting to the viewer a special sense of Miami’s place in the universe.

Scheduled to begin in 2005, the second phase of the installation, consisting of a 224 ft. light sculpture, will allow viewers to experience the movement of the sculpture through a moving automobile.  The sculpture will consist of seven arcs composed of stainless steel columns ranging in height from twelve feet to four feet high. Miami Wave is based on the creative use of the sine curve in order to communicate the very rich, natural, and rhythmic constant of the Miami environment.