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Jason Hackenwerth
South Terminal Gallery

Lagoon Jason Hackenwerth

Lagoon is a site-specific installation created by Jason Hackenwerth and consists of a
series of multifaceted sculptures hovering above the balcony of the 4th floor mezzanine of
South Terminal Gallery at Miami International Airport. Interconnecting thousands of
balloons into ridged and complex forms that seem to defy gravity, these dancing sculptures
relate to one another and borrow from the colors of South Florida’s coral reef.

Jason Hackenwerth’s ephemeral works serve to remind us of the temporality of all things
and can be considered a metaphor for our own lives as common materials in a state of







South Terminal Gallery - International Greeters Lobby, 4th Floor Mezzanine



For more information on this exhibition, please contact the Miami-Dade Aviation Department's 
Division of Fine Arts and Cultural Affairs at 305-876-0749.