Miami-Dade Aviation Department
Miami International Airport
Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs


R&R Studios
 , level 2

An unexpected encounter with a work of art, an imaginative surprise, is a sure way to create a sense of wonder and enjoyment, a moment to remember.   The works by R&R Studios, encapsulated in The Alphabet, have the power to delight.   At Miami International Airport, we are thrilled to present All We Need is LovePeace and Love, ALL TOGETHER NOW, in various areas of the airport, all formed by constellations of vibrantly colored flowers.  These works are pleasurable, sensual, and even if we are walking by quickly to catch our flight, or are fatigued from a transatlantic journey, we cannot help but notice and smile - and even for a moment, entertain a happy thought!   The beauty imparted by the colorful blooms in combination with the text is a reminder of goodness and joy.   It uplifts our hearts.  The entire experience, albeit brief, is a universal one, understood and enjoyed by all. 

Through R&R Studios, we offer The Alphabet as a way of extending your pleasurable experience, inviting you to create your very own inspirational thoughts.   - Yolanda Sánchez, Ph. D.
Director, Airport fine Arts & Cultural Affairs