Kids' Corner


Kids' Corner

Fun things to do at the airport:

Fun things to do outside the airport:

South Florida videos and live cams:

  • Miami-Dade County's Fun Videos for Children
  • Not sure what to expect on your first trip to Miami? Then watch GMCVB's Miami videos and discover a fantasyland filled with miles and miles of beaches, an exciting array of stores and boutiques, and an alluring diversity of cuisine and nightlife.
  • Live cams - see Miami live



Fun Aviation Links for Children
AvKids - online aviation games and puzzles
Aviation for Kids
Boeing Kid's Page - full of airplanes, helicopters and space vehicles!
How Things Fly - Take a cartoon approach to explain what makes an airplane fly, a spacecraft stay in orbit, and a balloon floating in the air. Highlights: 4 Forces, How it Works, and Air is Stuff.

Miami-Dade County's Kids Portal

NASA's Kid's Club - cool games!

Safe Kids USA - activities for kids



Click here to view A380 facts' presentation

 Make your Own A380m Paper Plane


Just for Kids:

 Airbus A380 Puzzle Game

 Airbus A380 Virtual Tour

 Airbus A380 Quiz 




Airbus -- Make your Own A380
Click on the image to download the .pdf file and print on heavy grade paper for better results (courtesy of  Continue

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 Visit MIA's A380 Webpage