Lonny Craven
Lonny Craven

Division Director for
Airside Operations


Contact Information

Phone: 305-876-7038
Fax: 305-876-7535
Mailing Address:

PO BOX 025504
MIAMI, FL 33102-5504

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Lonny Craven, a 30-year veteran at the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. Promoted to Division Director for Airside Operations at Miami International Airport (MIA) in 2008, Mr. Craven has been with the Aviation Department since 1981 and has worked in every capacity in Airside Operations, including, Airfield Clerk, Airfield Operations Attendant at both MIA and the General Aviation Airports, Ramp Control Agent, Aircraft Gate Control Agent, Senior Agent for Access, Ramp and Aircraft Gate Control, and Airport Supervisor at MIA and the Auxiliary airports. In 2010, the Aviation Department reorganized and placed the General Aviation Airports and Noise Abatement and Wildlife under Airside Operations' control. This same year, the duties of Aviation Code Enforcement was also placed under Airside Operations, allowing Airside Operations to enforce Chapter 25 at MIA and the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department Properties and the FAA 139 Certification process via the Miami-Dade County's existing Chapter 8CC.

In 1990 after the demise of two major air carriers at MIA, Mr. Craven worked closely with MDAD Management to install Airside operations staff in both the Concourse “B” (demolished to built the NTD project for American Airlines) and “E” Aircraft Gate Control Towers and was instrumental in the design and building the new Concourse “J” Tower that opened in September 2007. In December 2003, in order to increase the safety and efficiency of aircraft traffic in MIA, Mr. Craven set up training and certification by the AAAE and the FAA for his staff in controlling aircraft on the ground. After certification, the MDAD set up meetings with the FAA and a partnership was formed whereby the FAA transfers control of aircraft in the Terminal area to MDAD in the non-movement areas of MIA. Upon departure from the Terminal areas, MDAD Aircraft Gate Controllers transfer control of the aircraft back to the FAA at predetermined points on the ground. This partnership with the FAA has virtually eliminated aircraft traffic congestion in the alleys between Concourses at MIA.

He is responsible for ensuring the safe day-to-day operations of MIA's airfield and Part 139 Compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. He is also responsible for all Airside Operations at MIA, including ramp, access, aircraft gate and apron control, airside motor vehicle decal program, construction, cargo, aircraft parking, passenger loading bridges, Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and the security and safety of aircraft, motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic on the Aircraft Operations Area (AOA). In January 2012, the AOA Decal program for General Aviation Airports will start, providing additional airfield security for patrons and aircraft at these airports as well.

Lonny Craven graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in administration from Barry University.