Printable R&R Nomination Form.  
Employees at MIA accomplish small miracles every day. The service travelers receive at MIA sets the tone for their experience of our airport and community. Help us recognize and reward employees whose service to customers has gone above and beyond the call of duty by nominating them for an R&R award - take a moment and fill out a form today!
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Describe how the nominee provided service above and beyond the call of duty to MIA's travelers. (Please include date, time, location of event, etc.):
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  • All hourly employees are eligible for nomination.
  • The action(s) performed must be above and beyond the nominee's regular duties.
  • The action(s) must have been performed for MIA's passengers or visitors.
  • Action(s) must be customer service in nature.
  • Nominations must be submitted in writing with full details of the action(s) warranting nomination.


  • Monthly winner selection includes:
    • Recognition throughout MIA via website, flyers, media, etc.
    • Worksite party
    • Awards such as shirts, vouchers, and more
  • MIA Employee of the Year selection:
    • Recognition at annual award gala dinner at Hotel MIA
    • Awards such as cruises, dining, airline tickets, and more