What is a permit?
A permit is one form of an agreement that authorizes an individual or entity to access a Miami-Dade County airport to engage in any business or commercial activity. Any individual or entity requiring access to a County-operated airport to transact business with an airport tenant, must first obtain a permit agreement from the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.

Who is required to obtain a permit agreement?
Any person, firm, corporation or other legal entity requiring access to a Miami-Dade County airport in order to transact business with an airline, other airport tenant or other customers located outside of the Airport, if the commercial activities or business is made possible by accessing Airport grounds, must obtain a permit or other written agreement (such as a lease or a license) issued by the Real Estate Management and Development Division of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.

General Permit Information
Permits are issued solely to the individual or entity named on the permit and are not transferable. The rights and privileges granted by the permit can be exercised only by the permittee, through its officers, partners and employees, and not by or through any other person, corporation or legal entity. Download sample Permit Agreement.

A. Term
Permits are issued for a term of month-to-month not to exceed one year, but may be extended month-to-month for up to an additional year at the discretion of the Aviation Department. The County's Administrative Order 8-5 permits the Aviation Department to extend permits for a greater period of time if the permittee is providing goods and services on a competitive basis, I.e., the permittee is competing with other permittees or companies on the airport providing similar goods and services.

B. Permit Requirements
Permit Fees
Advance permit fees include a non-refundable application fee and a refundable security deposit currently at $1,000 each for a total initial financial outlay to the applicant of $2,000. Both the application fee and the security deposit are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of the County Commissioners.
In addition to these costs, there is a monthly opportunity fee of 7% of all gross revenues arising from the permittee's activities on the airport.  The 7% fee also applies to activities outside the airport if airport access is essential to the permittee's business activity. A monthly opportunity fee of 3% of all gross revenues is established for all aircraft maintenance service providers and a monthly opportunity fee of 30% of all gross revenues is established for all vending machine operators.
Permittees are required to provide MDAD with a report listing the customers' services and the revenues derived from those services by the 10th day of month following the month in which services were rendered.  The report must be filed on the form provided by the Department whether or not revenues were received.
Late Fees
Late monthly reports and opportunity fee payments are subject to late payment and delinquency charges respectively. The Late report charge is currently $50 each calendar day the report is late and delinquency fees are 1½ % monthly.

Permittees are responsible for any other fees that may be required by the County from time to time and applicable to the permittee's operations.

CPA certified annual audits are also required within 90 days of the anniversary of the effective date of the permit if gross revenues generated by the permit are $250,000 or more. If annual revenues are less than $250,000 a notarized report in the form approved by the Department is required.
During the term of the permit, permittees are required to acquire and maintain commercial general liability, automobile liability,  and, if applicable, environmental insurance coverage to the extent then required by the Aviation Department's Risk Management requirements.

C. Regulations

Permittees are responsible for obtaining and maintaining all required federal, state and local licenses, certificates and other documents required for their operations. Additionally, permittees must observe and comply with all laws, statutes, ordinances, regulation and rules of federal, state and county governments, and all operational guidelines that may be instituted from time to time.
Permittees will also be governed by other terms and conditions included in their individual permits and not specifically mentioned here.
Permits may be terminated at the discretion of the Department upon 15 calendar days notice for violation of any of the terms and conditions in the permit.