Air Freighter Buildings

The building is ideally situated between MIA's north and south runways and perpendicular to the diagonal runway. It contains the warehouses closest to the terminal gates.

Building 716

Building 716  Building 716

Leasing Availability: Air Freighter Warehouse Buildings

Building 1st Floor office 2nd Floor Office
700 N/A 10,000 Sq Ft
701 N/A 3,000 Sq Ft
706  N/A 15,400 Sq Ft
 707  N/A 1,400 Sq Ft
 708  N/A 25,300 Sq Ft
716-A N/A 13,868 Sq Ft
 716-C N/A 2,871 Sq Ft
716-B N/A 9,679 Sq Ft
 716-D N/A 6,944 Sq Ft
 716-E   N/A  3,701 Sq Ft
716-F   N/A  4,443 Sq Ft
 716-H   N/A  4,026 Sq Ft

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