MIA offers competitively priced office space with quick interior access to the warehouse space, airside ramps and arterial roadways. 

Building 845

Building 845 is ideally located on N.W. 36 Street with direct access to public transportation and major highways.  It has 7,541 square feet of readily available office space for leasing. There is also 12,452 square feet of raw space available for a custom build-out to suit its particular operational needs.

The rental rate for this building is very competitive and is inclusive of services not offered in similar buildings in the area.  

Lending to the appeal of this building is the attached warehouse, which has both landside and airside access.

Building 845

Building 845  Building 845  Building 845

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 1st Floor A/C Office 1st Floor Warehouse   2nd Floor A/C Office 2nd Floor Raw Space  3rd Floor A/C Office 3rd Floor (Raw Space)
 N/A N/A N/A 4,820 Sq Ft  N/A 4,492  Sq Ft


4th Floor A/C Office 4th Floor Raw Space  5th Floor A/C Office 5th Floor Raw Space  6th Floor Raw Space 
2,285 Sq Ft 9,578 Sq Ft N/A 2,285 Sq Ft 7,960 Sq Ft


Building 919

This building offers 37,215 square feet of space for leasing. The building has direct access to LeJeune Road with direct links to Interstate I-95 and State Roads 112, 826 and 836.

Building 919

Building 919  Building 919  Building 919

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 Building   1st Floor A/C Office  2nd Floor A/C Office 3rd Floor A/C Office 4th Floor A/C Office
719  N/A 5,700 Sq Ft   N/A    N/A
 875  2,444 Sq Ft  N/A N/A   N/A
919  N/A 27,500 Sq Ft  N/A 9,715 Sq Ft



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