Shuttles & Taxi Information
Passengers at MIA are advised to ignore offers of transportation from unauthorized solicitors inside the terminal. Unauthorized solicitation of ground transportation is an illegal activity and many illegal solicitors are unlicensed and uninsured. To obtain safe and legitimate ground transportation, please be sure to go to the designated Taxi and Shuttle stands that are located at the lower-level curb, outside of the baggage claim area, where uniformed Miami-Dade Aviation Department staff members will be happy to assist you. Please ignore any non-uniformed persons offering to assist with transportation or baggage. Always seek out uniformed airport employees with MIA ID badges for assistance. 
Taxicabs and SuperShuttle    lower arrival level
Taxicabs and SuperShuttle (305-871-2000) vans are available only on the arrival (ground) level of the airport, outside of the baggage claim areas - (view transportation options to Port of Miami and Ft Lauderdale Airport).

Hotel Shuttles:      upper departure level
Hotel shuttles pick up and drop-off areasare located on the upper (departure) level of the airport (view map).

MIA has wheelchair-accessible taxicabs and  SuperShuttle  vans available upon request to any taxi starter, located on the ground level of the terminal, outside the baggage claim area. For further details and rates please see the chart below.

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East/West Boundaries
Note: For Zones C, D, and E the following boundaries apply:
On the East at 32nd Avenue and on the West at 57th Avenue.

Metered Fares
The fees for metered fares are as follows: $4.50 for the first 1/6 mile, (includes the $2.00 airport origination fee) and $.40 each additional 1/6 mile which equals to $6.90 for the first mile and $2.40 for each additional mile. Waiting time is $.40 per minute.

Flat Rates
Flat rates are depicted in Zones A thru E, Zones 1 thru 5 and the Port of Miami. These rates include the airport origination fee. Highway tolls are included.