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DREAMSCAPES: Untold Magical Stories


On view through October 17, 2024


Miami International Airport’s MIA Galleries in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools Division of Life Skills & Special Projects.


Through their artwork, Tomek Setowski, Robert Gonsalves, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and many others created magical realism and surreal imaginative dreamscapes that invite viewers to observe the artist’s workings of the mind. Creating artworks that suggest alternate realities and impossible scenarios defined these artists’ bodies of work. Artists like Julian Beever - also called the Pavement Picasso - have taken their artwork to the streets (literally) by creating dreamscapes that the public can interact with. This show invites students to explore the fanciful and magical through their artwork creations.


To experience the exhibition online, visit: DREAMSCAPES: Untold Magical Stories


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