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The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Yolanda Sánchez


November 2021 – March 14, 2022


Miami-based painter Yolanda Sánchez offers an invitation to awaken to beauty through translucent fiber constructions in luscious, vibrant colors that take viewers through an imaginary garden.

Bojagi, a traditional Korean wrapping cloth created by piecing scraps of fabric, artfully re-stitched into functional forms, provides the framework for this site-specific installation. The place of Bojagi in Korean culture was established through folk beliefs that suggested that to have something wrapped is equal to having good fortune. It is an art form in its own right.

Sánchez’s Korean-inspired Bojagi textile work extends and interprets the basic structure of Bojagi to a more contemporary form, varying in medium and size, and utilizing color compositions and stitching techniques that are less anchored to traditional methods.

The Earth Laughs in Flowers reflects the light and color of Sánchez’s immediate, tropical environment. It is enthused explicitly by local color - a palette of rose, pinks, reds, and fuchsia - native flowers such as hibiscus, ginger, heliconia, and anthurium. Her desire is to create a sense of place and to project a joyful, playful, and even spiritual atmosphere.

Whether in painting or textiles, Sánchez’s desire is to engage the viewer in a gratifying sensory experience that provides a moment of contemplation.