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Marina Font

October – February 18, 2020


Marina Font photographs objects that evoke a particular place or personal history to explore ideas about identity, gender, territory, language and memory. For the artist, who was born in Argentina and relocated to Miami, Florida, memory is a recurrent place to go to when redefining our identities as individuals and our connections to places and people.

Imprinted is a series of works that are a continuous exploration of the physical, emotional and geographical memories of home and its influence in the construction of the human mind. Although Font’s work is inspired by her personal experience of adopting a new homeland, issues of memory, home and identity are universal.

Marina Font studied design, sculpture, and photography at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Martin Malharro, Argentina; and studied photography at Speos Ecole de la Photographie in Paris, France, later earning an MFA in Photography from Barry University, 2009. Her work has been featured extensively nationally and internationally at galleries, museums and cultural institutions, and is in both private and public collections.   She lives and works in Miami, Florida.