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Wi-Fi service is available using the MIA-WiFi Network throughout all indoor public areas of Miami International Airport including the main terminal, departure gates, baggage claim, and the Miami International Airport Hotel.

Internet access on MIA's network is complimentary with advertising. There are also other services available: 

  • $4.95 - standard uninterrupted service 
  • $7.95 - premium uninterrupted service 

To connect to the Miami International Airport Wi-Fi Network
Insert or activate your Wi-Fi adapter (802.11b or 802.11g) in your computer and connect to the “MIA-WiFi” network if your computer does not do so automatically. Then, launch your web browser and you should automatically see the Wireless Internet Access welcome page. If you do not see the welcome page, try refreshing or closing then reopening your browser.

For assistance or concerns connecting to wifi service, please contact the service provider at (800) 880-4117 or visit Boingo Consumer Support.