View of Concourse J - South Terminal
View of Concourse J - South Terminal

The Access Control Section monitors the access and movement of vehicles in the restricted areas of MIA's Airfield Operations Area (AOA). Access Control also administers the AOA decal program ensuring compliance with all security and insurance requirements.  In addition, this section generates the computerized documentation of the required AOA Driver Training and Movement Area Driver Training courses.

Access Control also interfaces with the airlines, airport tenants, governmental agencies plus all of their combined contracted service companies to ensure compliance with all FAA safety and security requirements on the airfield.  Our section will: respond to all aircraft emergencies, administer the lock and key control program and a ID challenge program, and all construction & concession deliveries.

Contact: Dino Leonardi


  • Monitor the TSA Lock & Key control program with affected airport tenants.
  • Re-validate the AOA decal system.
  • Conduct ID sweeps.
  • Enforce Miami-Dade County Chapter 25 requirements.