South Terminal at dawn
Photo by Miami-Dade Aviation Dpt.

The Ramp Control Section of Airside Operations is entrusted with ensuring the safe operation of aircraft on the airfield. Tasked with maintaining Miami International Airport's Certification, this specialized team reviews all runways, taxiways, and airport surface conditions for compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, part 139. The Agents and Senior Agents of this section are trained annually in emergency response and support for the airfield.  Common tasks include hourly inventories of all aircraft on the airfield for revenue activities. Ramp Control personnel  also monitor all construction activity on the Aircraft Operating Area (AOA) to ensure compliance with the Department's safety requirements.

Ramp Control maintains the airport's Airside busing operation which is primarily tasked with transportation of international passengers from remote aircraft parking positions to the Federal Inspection Stations. The busing operation is also tasked with emergency evacuation responses as well as tours in support of aircraft or terminal incidents and VIP events

Supervisor:  Jim Murphy